Rebuilding the Dream

In the dying strokes of his Olympic debut, at Tokyo 2020, Team GB’s Sholto Carnegie fell just short of his ambition of winning an Olympic...
4 minute read

Preview Screening

Fulham Reach Boat Club Hosts Charity Preview Screening of "The Boys in the Boat" with Over 200 Attendees in Support of Charitable Initiatives
3 minute read

Putney to Mortlake

They say write what you know. I began rowing when I was sixteen at the Marin Rowing Association in California, but being 5’3 I was...
5 minute read

Architect of Dreams

Standing on the vertiginous finish tower, looking out with satisfaction over the glistening lake and world-class facilities, radio in her hand, is arguably the most...
5 minute read

Water’s Gleaming Gold

Told never to row again, and blamed by the rowing correspondents as too young and too unfit, Jumbo gained his revenge at Henley in front...
3 minute read