Issue 48

May | June 2023

With Olympic qualifiers on the horizon the international scene is hoting up nicely. A swathe of Swiss silverware shows promise for Ian Wright’s second coming as Switzerland’s head coach: but can they maintain momentum? Insights are found in Tom Ransley’s interview with Sofia Meakin. Meakin made the jump from lightweight to openweight this Olympiad and has battled injury woes to keep her Olympic dream alive.

Rachel Quarrell does a deep dive into the 2023 European Rowing Championships, and has all the angles, results, stories, and gossip from Bled, Slovenia. She also speaks with GB head coaches, Paul Stannard and Andy Randell, to find out first hand if Great Britain are on track.

A less orthodox approach to Olympic qualification comes via Scandinavia. Can you row the Pacific and qualify for the Olympics in a single season? That’s the question faced by Denmark. 

David Schary uncovers the power of purpose, and Australian cox Stuart Sim dusts off his 2021 Olympic training diary while watching his alma mater race the Windermere Cup. Tom Ransley reports the return of Russian and Belarusian athletes as neutrals. Benedict Tufnell delivers an iconic shot of the Sinkovic brothers winning medal number 50 at Zagreb, Croatia. Enjoy!

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