Next Stop Tokyo: Martin Sinković

Tokyo 2020 Athlete Interviews

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Words Tom Ransley
Photography Benedict Tufnell
Published 11.07.21

Martin Sinković targets the Olympic gold medal at Tokyo 2020 in the men’s pair. Along with his brother, Valent Sinković, Martin is the current Rio 2016 Olympic Champion in the men’s double. It is an audacious feat to move from the double to the pair and deliver consecutive Olympic titles. The World and European Champion Sinković brothers are favourites going into the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Martin shares his thoughts from his hometown rowing headquarters, Lake Jarun, Zagreb, Croatia.

Photo Martin Sinković

How has your season been? So far, we are satisfied with it and we hope that it will continue at the Olympic Games. We’ve improved our balance in the boat over the last few years and that’s paid off this season.

Between Sabaudia and Tokyo have you been on training camp? We had one training camp where we rowed on Lake Peruča and stayed in the town of Sinj, Croatia. It went well.

What sessions are you doing now? We are doing shorter pieces in preparation for the higher rate of racing at the Olympics.

Photo CRO M2-
Credit Benedict Tufnell

When do you leave for Japan? We are currently in Japan and staying just outside of Tokyo on our final pre-Olympic camp. We flew from Zagreb to Tokyo on July 12th. We move into the athlete village on July 17th.

What are you expecting the conditions to be like? I’ve never been before; I expect there will be a bit of wind and rough water but nothing too exceptional. Our first row on the Olympic course will be on July 18th.

What do you think the atmosphere will be like at these Games? Because of Covid-19 I don’t think the atmosphere at Tokyo will be like the other Olympics, but for the rowers it will not be too different because we only ever see spectators in the last 200 meters of our races anyway.

Photo CRO M2-
Credit Benedict Tufnell

How do you feel? I feel good. We have been going well in training and I am confident and ready to race the Olympics.

What’s keeps you motivated? Racing is enough motivation for me, I use the prospect of the next race to motivate me. So, nothing too special!

You are the favourites in the men’s pair, is that something you are comfortable with? We know that we are favourites for the gold medal, but no one will simply give it to us and that we will need to have our best races in Tokyo to win. I don’t have any big doubts, but you always have to stay focused because if you are not focused then you will not row your best.

Outside of your own event which races are you most looking forward to? Every single one! I can’t wait to watch them.

Beyond the rowing, what Olympic sports or athletes will you be following? I love watching the Olympics. I will try to follow as much as possible but sadly this time it will be via the television. We won’t be allowed to spectate because of Covid-19.

Photo CRO M2-
Credit Benedict Tufnell
Video CRO M2- Post-Race Interview at 2021 World Rowing Cup III Sabaudia, Italy.