LIVE: Finals day in Sabaudia at the 2021 World Rowing Cup III

Sabaudia Italy

Words Tom Ransley
Benedict Tufnell Photography
Published 06.06.21

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That’s all the racing complete. Thanks for tuning in.

Photo That’s a wrap from Sabaudia!
Credit Benedict Tufnell
Photo Packed Podium
Credit Benedict Tufnell

Germany win but the Italians do well to keep them honest. Not much more than length in it on the finish line.


With Maximilian Korge, 26, replacing an injured Richard Schmidt the Germans lead the Italians in the two boat men’s eight A-Final.

Photo UKR W1x
Credit Benedict Tufnell

A Home water win in the women’s single sculls but not for an Italian. Ukraine’s Diana Dymchenko secures the gold medal. It was a strong performance by the Ukrainian who lives and trains in Sabaudia. The Dutch sculler Souwer settles for silver. Lola Anderson is part of Great Britain’s “Project Paris” development team and delivers a promising bronze medal. The German sculler misses the podium by less than 0.2 seconds.

Photo POL M1x
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Photo M1x Podium
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Epic performance from all three scullers at the front of the field as they cross the line with overlap between all of their boats. Kjetil Borch holds on to the gold. Nielsen takes silver and Zeidler has the bronze. Borch is gulping in lungfuls of air – he went deep into the pain cave for that one. Great effort.


This is the best we’ve seen from Kjetil Borch he has gone out hard but refuses to fade. There is so much pressure on him by Sverri and Oliver.


A fantastic final in the men’s single scullers. Norway and Denmark lead the way deep into the final 500 meters. Zeidler will need to turn it on to keep his golden record.


All bar one of the men’s single sculls are Tokyo bound. Expect a big battle in this final race before the Olympics. Can Kjetil Borch, Sverri Nielsen, or Damir Martin break the golden spell of Oliver Zeidler?

Photo NOR LM2x
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Photo ITA M4-
Credit Benedict Tufnell

The Italian scullers in the quad won in Varese at the 2021 European Championships and continue their habit of winning on home water. They get the gold medal three quarters of a length in front of Olaf Tufte and his Norwegian crewmates. Bronze medal for the Germans.


Germany, Italy, Poland take an early lead.


Receiving their gold medals on the podium Ilse Paulis and Marieke Keijser are super happy with their World Best Time performance. Smiles all round. Meanwhile the men’s quadruple sculls line up on the start line.

Photo NED LW2x
Credit Benedict Tufnell
Photo NED LW2x celebrate their World Best Time
Credit Benedict Tufnell

In the women’s quadruple sculls Germany take gold. Silver goes to the Italians. And it is a photo finish for the bronze medal with Poland getting on to the podium by just 0.01 seconds.


Ilse Paulis and Marieke Keijser of the Netherlands claim the gold medal in a new World Best Time of 6:43.79. Italy try a new line up owing to injury woes but still claim the silver medal. Bronze for the French.


The lightweight women’s sculls are off. The Dutch are whipping it out of the blocks at nearly 50 strokes a minute. The weather has turned and the women are racing in the rain.


Fast and furious from the leading two crews as the sprint hard to the line. Italy are denied a win on home water. The gold goes to Norway’s Brun and Strandli. It is a big gap back to the second Norwegian crew who take bronze ahead of Algeria.


A humdinger in the lightweight men’s double sculls. Italy and Norway have a grip on the rest of the field but who gets the gold is anyone’s guess.

Photo GBR M2x
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Photo NED W4-
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Fantastico! Italy take gold by a length. Great Britain hurl themselves across the line stroked by Sam Nunn. Bronze medal winners Poland do enough to keep the Dutch at bay.


Italy have taken the lead. Great Britain a canvas down. Then the Polish just keeping in touch and then the Dutch. Deep in the third 500 meters and all crews will be preparing to up the rate as they approach the final stages.


Olympic bronze medallists from Italy are being lead by the development British crew who are cutting their teeth on the international scene with a view to Paris 2024.


The men’s four line up on the starting blocks. Will it be a win for the Polish 2019 World Championships? Not if the local favouraites can help it – Italy has a new line up in their men’s four and would love to get gold on home water.

Photo NED W2x
Credit Benedict Tufnell

Victory for the Dutch in the women’s four A-Final. Six second back the Denmark take the silver and then it is Poland who secures the bronze medal in front of the British who miss out on a podium place.

Photo ITA W2x
Credit Benedict Tufnell
Photo CRO M2-
Credit Benedict Tufnell

The women’s fours are on the starting blocks.


The Swiss women’s double have paused their warm down to cheer the Swiss men’s double as they sprint to the finish line. But despite the screams of support the Swiss men cannot get past the Polish who win the men’s double. Poland win the gold. Switzerland settle for silver. An awesome final 500 meters from Great Britain gets them the bronze medal ahead of the Dutch and Italian scullers.

Photo DEN W2-
Credit Benedict Tufnell

In the women’s double sculls the Dutch take the gold. Italy two take silver, and the Germans get bronze.


Women’s double sculls are sprinting hard to the finish line

Photo CRO W2-
Credit Benedict Tufnell

Sinkovic brothers storm away and cross the finish line with ample clear water on the British silver medallists of Tarczy and de Graaf. Bronze to the second Croatian pair of Patrik and Anton Loncaric. So there will be two sets of Croatian brothers on the podium.


The Sinkovic brothers are showing their class. They take a length lead and look to get clear water before the halfway mark.


Men’s pairs are on the start blocks.

Photo A-Final W2-
Credit Benedict Tufnell

Gold to Denmark. All good confidence booster before they head to Tokyo. It was very tight between Croatia and the second Great Britain crew but the Croatian sisters get the silver medal. Bronze to Redgrave and Dear of Great Britain.


Denmark at 35 strokes a minute are underrating the rest of the field who are at least a length back. The Croatian sisters are currently sitting in second place. All crews are in the last 500 meters.


Green light for the women’s pairs! In the outside lane is the pair from Denmark including London 2012 single sculler silver medallist Fie Udby Erichsen and Rio 2016 bronze medallist Hedvig Rasmussen. They take an early lead.

Photo W2- CRO Racing in black arms bands on Thursday
Credit Benedict Tufnell

Josipa and Ivana Jurkovic in the women’s pair will race with black arm bands and have dedicated their performances this weekend to their friend Stipe Trojanović who sadly passed away earlier this year in a traffic accident. Stipe was a 22-year-old Croatian policeman and rowed with the Jurkovic twins at Ošjak Rowing Club in Vela Luka.

Photo NED2 W4x
Credit Benedict Tufnell

Denmark, Great Britain, and Hungary are first, second and third in the men’s single sculls B-Final. Poland could not hold the pace and faded to fourth place. That’s the last B-Final, the rest of the day will be A-Finals and the wind is picking up.


The wind is swinging towards a cross-tail and might become a bit more challenging for the athletes. The B-Final of the men’s single scullers has set off and Bastian Secher is the first to hit the last 500 meters with Poland and Great Britain in hot pursuit.


W1x Swiss sculler rows through Great Britain to win the B-Final


U23s French rowers Louis Chamorand and Teo Rayet win their B-Final and get racing underway

Photo FRA2 M2- U23s
Credit Benedict Tufnell

Currently there’s a cool tailwind that will give the rowers a little push down the course. Not as warm here in Sabaudia as it has been in the previous two days and the forecast is for rain later in the day.


The first A-Final will be the women’s pairs and they are scheduled to race at 10:35.