Japanese Disquiet Over Olympic Games Covid-Security

Polls show most of Japan would prefer to delay or cancel the Olympics. Fans may require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test result.

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Words Tom Ransley
Published 01.06.21

Japanese fans hoping to attend the Tokyo Olympics might need to show their vaccination record or a negative Covid-19 test result, according to the Yomiuri newspaper as reported by Reuters. Recent polls indicate the Japanese public remain strongly opposed to the Games.

The Olympics is less than two months away, but the Japanese public remain unconvinced of the event’s Covid-security. Japan is suffering a fourth wave of coronavirus infections and its vaccination rollout has been slow.

The decision as to whether domestic fans will be allowed to attend, and in what capacity, is expected to come just weeks before the opening ceremony. The organisers have already banned foreign spectators.

The Yomiuri newspaper said the government was considering additional coronavirus measures such as ticket holders showing a negative test result taken within seven days of visiting an Olympic event. Loud cheering and high-fives will not be allowed.

Many social media users were outraged by the report and thousands of tweets criticised the continued push to stage the Olympics amid the global pandemic . The term “negative test certificate” was trending on Twitter in Japan, garnering over 8,000 tweets on Monday morning.

Japan has recently seen a record number of Covid-19 patients in critical condition, despite the pace of new infections slowing. The current state of emergency in Tokyo and other areas has been extended to June 20.

The Nikkei newspaper published a poll on Monday that showed over 60% of respondents were in favour of cancelling or delaying the Games, a result in line with previous polls by other media outlets.

The International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government have said the July 23rd to August 8th event will go ahead under strict Covid-safety rules.