Hidden Voices in Rowing

Daniela Nacházelova releases her second book

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Photography Ondrej Kroutil
Published 15.09.22

In her new book, Hidden Voices in Rowing, former Czech Republic sculler Daniela Nacházelova shares interviews from those in the rowing world who are not usually seen on the winner’s podium or in front of cameras but without their efforts, rowers would have no boats to use, no place to train and no options to fight for medals. The book that is looking behind the scenes of rowing will be officially launched on September 23 at 2022 World Rowing Championships in Racice, Czech Republic.

Credit Ondrej Kroutil

Boat builder, serviceman, coach, director of a rowing training centre. Hidden Voices in Rowing presents 12 awe-inspiring, international interviews across six nationalities (Czech Republic, Lithuania, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, USA), one impressive photo essay and a narrative about the exciting ROW ROW ROW pop-up exhibition in Prague. “I talked to the biggest experts of our sport, who play a vital role for the development of rowing. They are not the familiar faces of rowing, but the sport would be different without them. They allowed me to look under the water surface and I really appreciate that,” says Nacházelova of her new work.

The publication is dedicated to the memory of Larry Gluckman, the legendary American rowing coach who died in March 2021 at the age of 72 and who, during his long career, directed and influenced hundreds of rowers worldwide. Other respondents include, for example Bruce Bearman, General Manager of Concept2, a world-renowned oar and indoor rower manufacturer, Craig McAllister, co-owner of Hudson Boat Works, a leading supplier of Olympic rowing boats, and Michal Kurfirst, director of the Labe Arena Račice, a rowing training facility in the Czech Republic.

Credit Ondrej Kroutil

This unique collection of interviews will be launched by Chair of the Marketing Commission at IOC and the President of the Czech Olympic Committee and former top rower Jiri Kejval. “The stories of people who sacrificed their lives for sport, but lived their entire careers in the shadow of the stars, are always meaningful. They show a whole mosaic of successes, when every victory, whether in sports or in general in life, is redeemed by immense effort and work. I support Daniela in her bold literary steps and it is an honour to support her in this way,” says Kejval.

Similar to Nacházelova’s first book, Women’s Voices in Rowing, this book will also support rowing financially: Some proceeds from the sale of each copy goes to the Larry Gluckman Scholarship, a fund that aims to introduce more people to the sport of rowing.

Hidden Voices in Rowing will be available to order both in print and as an ebook at voicesinrowing.com after September 23.


Nacházelova took her first strokes on the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic, her homeland. During her successful rowing career, she received a rowing scholarship to Washington State University and collected medals at world cups as well as world championships.

Credit Ondrej Kroutil

A book project that started with Women’s Voices in Rowing, a set of 14 interviews with remarkable female rowers who are either still actively rowing, training or working in official positions. Hidden Voices in Rowing is the second part of a planned tetralogy.

Credit Ondrej Kroutil