Benedict Tufnell

VIDEO: Rowers on the search for perfection

by Benedict Tufnell

With the upcoming rowing world championship in the USA, some of the world’s best rowers give their thoughts on taking the perfect stroke in this video. 

Greg Searle (GBR): “I say within rowing there´s  properly three things that make the boat go fast. One is, do you row a long stroke? So you move the boat a long way, each stroke. The second thing is, do you pull hard? And if you pull hard the boat will go further of each one of those strokes. The third element is, how many stroked do you do per minute? If you do more strokes and they´re still strong strokes and they´re still long strokes the boat will go faster. The problem is, sometimes you push one of these things on and the other one goes down. So the real art with rowing is to row long, to row strong and then take more strokes and then be efficient and be together, so the boat keeps moving forwards.”

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