Benedict Tufnell

Panteres Grogues: Europe’s First Official LGBT Rowing Club

by Benedict Tufnell

Formed in 1994, the Barcelona based ‘Panteres Grogues’  (Catalan for Yellow Panthers) is a sports club that grew out of a need to normalise LGBT athlete’s participation in sport. Today the club has nearly 2000 LGBT members taking part in a broad range of sports from volleyball to cycling and most recently, rowing.

Now two years old, the Panteres Grogue’s rowing club has grown to 75 members from six nations, including some of international pedigree.

The club has grown under the guidance of Yvan Honorat, a French-Canadian coach with a colourful history in the sport. Before moving to Barcelona in 2014, Honorat worked in West Africa as the Senegal national team coach and also helped develop the first rowing club on the Ivory Coast, leading them to several international regattas. He also coached in Israel and the led the first ever contingent of Palestinian rowers to compete in an Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996. In the early 2000s Honorat worked to develop clubs in the middle east.

Already officially recognised by the Catalan and Spanish rowing federation, Panteres Grogues is hopes to become the first LGBT rowing club officially recognised by the World Rowing Federation, FISA later in the year.

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