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Henley Royal Regatta- Day Three

by Tom Morgan

Day Three of Henley Royal Regatta was the battling ground for some of the most competitive racing seen at the event since its inauguration 176 years ago.

Before kick-off, at the sprightly time of 8:30, there were a number of races which stood out to the casual observer; chief among those was the clash between Oxford Brookes ‘A’ and ASR Nereus from Holland in the Temple Challenge Cup. In a phenomenal race, which saw Nereus pegged back from a length lead to a couple of feet, it was the Dutch crew who came away victorious. In a smart turn of events, they also smashed the course record for student eights by nine seconds.
In the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, old rivalries were renewed as St Paul’s met St Edwards. Having lost out to Teddies on the Wednesday last year, the tideway based crew turned the tables spectacularly, taking nearly two lengths out of the 2014 and 2013 finalists.
Such brutality was also on show in the quarter final between Eton College and Gonzaga High School of the USA; the holders were knocked out in a dramatic turn of events as Gonzaga progressed to the Saturday.
The flagship race of the day saw IRA National champions Washington take on Ivy League rivals Princeton. In an engaging contest, it was the University of Washington who came out on top.
There were straightforward wins for a number of the stronger crews; the GB men’s pair and double progressed whilst Maye Drysdale and Mirka Knapkova also put away their respective opposition with relative ease.
A one minute silence was beautifully observed at 12 noon, in memory of all the victims of the Tunisian attacks.

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