Benedict Tufnell

From Ethics To Altitude Training: A Preview Of The 2018 World Rowing Conference

by Benedict Tufnell

The World Rowing Sports Medicine, Science and Coaches Conference 2018 begins Wednesday in Berlin, Germany, with nearly 300 representatives from countries around the world set to attend the three day event.

The conference will be hosted under the Auspices of the FISA Sports Medicine Commission and FISA Competitive Rowing Commission by Professor Jürgen M. Steinacker, MD from the Division of Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine at Ulm University and Mario Woldt the High-Performance Director for the German Rowing Federation.

According to the organisers, “The translation of basic research into sport and the applied science of sports medicine and sports science in rowing are the focus of this years’ conference: Looking at science for the coach, the rowing boat, and the whole team of medical doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists and dieticians.”

Organisers also say the “conference aims in the same way to promote healthy lifestyles and a fair and doping-free sport.”

The packed conference program features talks and seminars with experts from around the world looking at a range of topics including energy metabolism, molecular regulation of training, modern aspects of intensive strength training, adaptation of the heart to high volume stress, philosophical-ethical aspects of health and performance, musculoskeletal pain syndromes, altitude and heat physiology.

The conference will conclude with the 2018 World Rowing Awards where this years’ winners will be announced on Friday evening.

For the full conference program see here.

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