Benedict Tufnell

Dutch Braas Bows Out

by Benedict Tufnell

The big Dutchman and two-time olympian Roel Braas has announced his retirement this week.

“We’ll see how I feel in a year from now.” Braas said of his decision to stop. “Maybe I’ll miss rowing very much and will want to try to come back. Rowing really is a beautiful sport.”

Braas sitting at three in the NED M8+ in Sarasota 2017

At 6’7 (200cm) and 103kg, the towering 30 year old is the national record holder for 2k on the Concept2 in the Netherlands, with a time of 5:43.7 which he set in 2013. He has also won the goblets in the pair at Henley and the Holland Cup twice in the single.  Braas placed fifth in the Dutch eight at his first Olympics in 2012 and 8th in Rio in the men’s pair. He was back in the Dutch eight at the 2017 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota last summer, where they finished fourth.

“The kick that I get from the racing, the adrenaline; you can only achieve that with sport.” Says Braas. “I don’t think I’m going to replicate that feeling in a regular job, but the best part now is that I am home every night.”

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